Forest Defender

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2010-06-02 11:44:36Peter PerhacWelcome, please contribute. I beg you to be considerate.
2010-06-02 11:44:35ynwieGood work with Pulpcore, the game has all to race againts "canyon defense", only it needs one thing, "randomness", the enemies seems to have certain predictable behavior.
2010-06-02 11:44:34NouknoukNice game: even if I usually don't like tower defense game, I finally played yours 20 minutes ;-) Juste a little remark about design: imho it is too colorfull and can become sometimes hardly readable (eg. credits). Cheers. Nouk²
2010-05-31 19:14:59Peter PerhacHeey! I just made it through the Jungle Showdown level with ONLY ONE (strong) tower! And I only lost one life (bad luck)! I thought it's impossible...
2010-05-25 16:26:01Milos H.Dobra Gejmsa, master :) dal som Warmup s celkom dobrym skore, inak taka ze uplna pohodovka asi hlavne kvoli tej muzicke na pozadi.
2010-05-25 16:25:25Pirijoooj sefko, to si mi ani posielat nemal. tolko hodin som pri tom stravil ze az...zajtra skuska, nic neviem a ani sa poriadne nevyspim. ale paradna hra. najtazsia je 3 uroven....tych vela pankacskych guliciek po sebe :)
2010-05-25 16:24:07Milos V.Som to rozbehal tentokrat v praci na 'epli' a frci to fajn dokonca ani pomale pripojenie nevadilo... a som to musel po 20 minutach skoncit lebo mi koncil brejk. Dobra sranda, len niekedy som to tam tak blbo ulozil mi hned spalili les. He, sef akurat isel domov este dam jednu hru...
2010-05-25 13:36:32David YuSweet ... there prolly should be a wiki for the list of games created via pulpcore.

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